Institutional day services are now a thing of the past......No more store catalogues ....overcrowded rooms and disney colouring books....Now for something different...

​​​​​​We now offer a new day experience based around improving self esteem having fun and learning more about the world around us we have ...

  • A Full Beauty Salon
  • A Science and IT suite
  • An Arts and Crafts suite
  • An entertainment suite
  • A reading and story telling lounge
  • A shop for retail and employment opportunities

We charge similar costs to most day services but we are very different. 

  • Small group sizes from 1-4 people
  • Fully funded activities (apart from external activities where entrance fees etc might apply)
  • Free transport whilst at the centre (small charge if we pick you up and drop you off)
  • A healthy home cooked lunch included
  • Free refreshments.

If you'd like to hear more?

Please feel free to Contact

Mark Nixon Centre Manager on 01207  437477 


Inspiring Lives 

Training and Development Centre