But I've never done this kind of work before. will it be for me? 

This kind of work is not for everyone but if you are kind, considerate, don't judge people too quickly and think about others as much as you do about yourself we can teach you the rest.

If you want an informal chat then ring the office on 01207 437020 leave your number and we'll call you back and answer any sensible questions you might have.

Is the training hard will I have to pass tests will there be lots of writing? 

Training is mostly in small groups where you can ask questions and discuss the topics. There are some small simple  tests after things like first aid courses which we have to have but it then does give you a qualification in the subject like first aid. most classes are not assessed but we do expect that you listen and take part. We don' expect you to be fully fledged authors but we do expect you to be able to read and write reasonably well

If you want an informal chat then ring the office on 01207 437020 leave your number and we'll call you back and answer any sensible questions you might have.

If opening the document it does not work you may not have the correct  software on your machine.  If you do not have MS Word or a PDF  reader then you can access  an Open Office MS Word reader here or a PDF reader here.  We don't take any responsibility for external websites or their  content other programmes and options are available please be careful and ensure your firewall is switched on and have an up to date antivirus programme such as Windows defender installed . 

How will I know what to do?

Will I be thrown in the deep end if I start with Accept Care?  

We have a detailed list of support plans showing you in detail how to care for the person you are working with.  We do weekly supervisions initially and give you an experienced buddy who you can ask questions to. We also do a some shadow shifts which mean you are simply watching and learning alongside an experienced staff member.

If you want an informal chat then ring the office on 01207 437020 leave your number and we'll call you back and answer any sensible questions you might have.

So you think you have what it takes?

Do you fancy working with us?

We are looking for people over 18 and up to any age so long as you are reasonably fit,  to meet the needs of the people we support.

  • We are looking for people who are dedicated to the care of others
  • Put other people first 
  • Treat others with respect
  • Can be flexible over a 24 hour period
  • Are reliable and trustworthy.

We pay £8.65 per hour (from April 2019) and offer full training and support.   We pay all staff the same wage regardless of age. We give 30 days holidays (including bank holidays) and offer contracts from 16 to 35 hours. (We currently have regular opportunities for overtime)  We offer a maximum of 35 hours to those that want to work full time. (extra shifts are usually available but not always in the house you work and are capped at 55 hours per week. This is entirely optional)

We don't do annualised hours (sometimes called zero hours contracts) contracts or self employment. Alltraining and training time is paid for.

We offer 30 days annual leave (including bank holidays) which is two days more than the required minimum.  

We use the governments NEST pensions scheme and are a mindful employer. (we support those people who have mental health issues) We also offer a free mental health information and advice line for our staff.

Interested? Download an application form below. Its the same form for all roles. Experience is not always necessary but if you have the right attitudes and values we will support you through the process and teach you everything you need to know (well almost everything!) Click on the button below to download an application form. You can then e-mail it to jobs@acceptcare.org.uk  

Its really important you fill it in yourself and tell us as much as you can about yourself. Its an important step in us establishing that this kind of work is right for you. This kind of work can be challenging. As you can imagine not everyone cooperates with requests or has a good day, every day. Skills and abilities will be those of motivating people being upbeat and really being patient and above all caring. If this work is going well for you it can be amazingly rewarding.  Helping someone pay for their shopping for the first time or getting them to phone a family member on their birthday can be amazing. You might even say I enjoy this so much I'm amazed I'm getting paid! (well we hope so!) We train staff well and people are never left alone with our Managers and Directors being on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Want to know more?

  • You won't be travelling between people's homes it's not Domiciliary or home care. 
  • We operate supported living where people are tenants in their own homes.
  • We have vacancies at Consett, Esh Winn Hall and Bear Park.
  • You'll get regular supervisions, you will always have support .
  • Weekly supervisions for the first few months.
  • We don't do E learning. (sitting in front of a computer to do training)
  • All training is taught with qualified staff.
  • Small staff teams up to 30 people depending on the house.
  • Managers and Seniors on site every day.  
  • Up to 6 weeks induction training with off rota and class time
  • Allocated an experienced buddy to show you the role.
  • Allocated shadow shifts where you are supernumery and can learn the role from other staff.
  • We offer extra hours up to 55 hours per week in most services. Overtime rates paid to £9.20 for hours worked over 37.5 hours 
  • We pay the same rate for evenings and weekends so you never lose out.
  • We've also created a clear progression path with senior support workers, relief and house managers.

What will I actually doing then?  -Well it can be anything some people may need help to prepare meals some people will need to have their meals prepared for them. Some people will have a regular plan of activity this can include going shopping, going to the pictures, attending a dentist appointment or going for a haircut. Sometimes the people we support will need some personal care.  This can be helping people get a shower or going to the toilet. Depending on the person you support will depend on the amount of personal care you might need to do. If you can imagine being left with a relative to look after for the day then this is pretty much what you might do with a lot more support.  We support people who are very able to hold a conversation and some who are not. We will do our best to people match you at interview. So if you say you like cycling, we may have someone who loves nothing more than to going cycling or going for long walks.  Others may be interested in sports or hand crafts such as sewing or knitting.  We will do our best to match you with interests in these kinds of things.  We believe that if you enjoy what you do then you are more likely to be successful and find it more rewarding.

Still Interested? Please click below to download or  just send your name and postal address to jobs@acceptcare.org.uk If you've read this far...why not submit an application or give us a call on 01207 437020.  If applying from indeed they won't share details of your address so you will have to e-mail us your address. If you have a printer and would prefer to hand write a form please download complete and scan to the email address above or post to our Admin Team at

Accept Care ltd  16-20 Station Road Stanley Durham DH9 0JL.